AGM Batteries – An Efficient, Dependable Way To Always Get YOU Started!

Blog By Jim Donovan, Saint John Hyundai Parts Manager

Auto industry parts are always a dynamic and fluid environment. But for some customers, it can be perplexing.  How do you know when to choose between OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, VAR (value-added reseller) parts, or after-market parts?

Well, you don’t need to be apprehensive about parts industry innovations.

Take AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries for example. It’s a great advance in lead-acid design battery technology. AGM is an innovation where the battery electrolyte is absorbed into micro-porous glass matting. It’s not like conventional flooded batteries where battery acid flows freely around the battery plates – acid in an AGM battery is fully absorbed in matted glass fibres! And one way, pressure release valves maintain correct internal pressure for optimal performance.

What are AGM advantages over regular flooded batteries? Superior performance in temperature fluctuating and frigid conditions! Superior vibration resistance! And being spill-proof and leak-proof protects people and the environment! AGM’s install in any position – even upside down! Now how cool is that? And they’re maintenance free!

Seems like a wise choose for lead-acid design, automobile battery innovation if you’re looking for a more reliable, longer life, better performing, increased safety, and environmentally friendly, fully recyclable battery for your Hyundai vehicle.

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